Island Power Opportunities for Eflex

Island communities like the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico are ideal applications for Eflex Intelligent Digital Clean Energy. They receive a lot of sun to power solar, and with attached storage they can time-shift that energy availability across an entire day’s use. However, to monitor and automatically and dynamically manage and optimize the use of that energy, they need Eflex Intelligent Digital Energy. They can conserve the amount of energy they consume while adjusting automatically to changing conditions. They are able to Eflex their power!

Fossil fuels used to power central generation must all be brought in, often at great distances and at great cost, including the environmental cost. Their electrical grid is vulnerable to natural disasters like hurricane Maria. Even with grid improvements, one central generation plant leaves the entire island’s power at risk if that plant or any main feeder from it goes down in a storm or other natural or mechanical failure. The solution is distributed energy resources like solar and attached storage, so a failure in one region doesn’t impact another. However, the generation and consumption of those resources needs to be intelligently managed at the end point, enabled by Eflex.